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Tree And Lawn Care

Our Project Focus:

Effective soil management.

Keep the soil "Organic" always.

Soil Injection with organic products.

Bio-fertilization, humus addition

Environment friendly pest and disease control methods

We are undertaking projects on,

Coconut mite control

Oil palm and Queen palm care

Christmas tree care

Citrus orchards maintenance

Thrips and mite problems in Avocado

Buffered phosphonate (laboratory and field tested products

We able to provide cost effective solution for suggesting suitable agronomic tree management techniques to control the invasive insects like hemlock woolly adelgids (HWA), Asian long horned beetle (ALB), emerald ash borer (EAB).

Why you need a consultation:

Trees are different from species to species.

Trees are behave differently in each climatic zones and soil types.

How to economize the drill hole to make use for different application.

Proper dosage and combination of injectable products like phosphonate plus pest control products and nutritional products.

There is no definite rules to adopt in tree injection.

Scientific based consultation is for minimizing the injection injuries and maximizing the benefits to the trees.


We are different, Why? We follow integrated insect and disease management
(IPM-Integrated Pest Management? is our practice. We are able to brainstorm the following,

When we have to inject? - What is the right time to inject the trees?

What to inject? Is it water based or solvent based?

How to inject?

What type of injection device to choose?

Is microinjection capsules or hydraulic devices?

What is the after care?

To buy sidewinder injection device..Please contact Dr.Ilangovan Ramasamy.

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Avocado thrips and mites control!!

Phytophthora in Avocado, Walnut, Sudden oak death and Christmas tree!!!

Special formula available !!!

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Our instant formula "Plant growth Booster" is performing very good in kitchen garden, home-yard, lawns, firm products "Potassium Phosphite" for phosphorus needs as well control Phytophthora; "PhosphoNeem" and "Neem Humate" for nematode control we have plant health care package for Citrus, Oak, Avocado, X-Mas tree

Tree Projects