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Tree And Lawn Care

Deep Root:

Fortified Humic acid concentrate with leonardite, Increases soil organicmatter. Promotes root growth. Raises soil moisture holding capacity. Stimulates growth by unlocking soil minerals and nutrients. Activates Granular fertilizer.


6 oz Per 1000 ft2. After every time you apply granular

Micro-Nutrients,Microboost Organic

A blend of essential Sugar Chelated micro-nutrients, Alfa-keto and amino acids. Vitamin package for Turf-Lawn-Plants. Make them look healthy. Custom Blends are available.


As low as 3 oz per 1000 ft2.


Nitrogen fixing bacteria. Special Composting bacteria that helps reduce thatch, build up.


1 LB to 5 gallons water bucket. Mix each gallon of water with sufficient water to cover 10,000 ft square


Fortified liquid. Contains every nutrient known to man. Reduces stress. Builds root systems. 100% Available. Reduces wind, rain, Sun, drought and planting stress on plants and turf.


Maintenance Care

For Regular Maintenance To supplement Nitrogen, Iron, Manganese.


Chelated Concentrate. Designed to help and correct deficiencies of nitrogen, Iron and Manganese in Lawns, turf, ornamentals/Flowers, Shrubs / Trees


3-10 oz per 1000 ft2 - Bi monthly applications

Dark Green

100% available chelated liquid iron concentrate. For use when quick longer lasting green-up is a must. Greening will last longer than most iron products.


2-3% tank mix ratio -Apply as needed.

Insects &Diseases Wipeout

Kills soft skinned insects on contact. Excellent for thrips, white fly, aphids and larvae. This product meetsall the requirements under CFR 152.25 (g) of EPA.This product is exempt from EPA registration.


1 gallon makes 100 gallons of finished spray.

Potassium phosphonate

Against phytophthora disease problems

Lawn Care
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