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Dr. Ilangovan Ramasamy, Ph.D. President, AgriInfoTech, Inc.

A Ph.D. in agronomy, pesticide chemistry /soil and crop management and over 19 years of research and management experience in fertilizers, organic fertilizers, green manure, agriculture chemicals (pesticides) and seed production. Dr. Ilangovan Ramasamy has 46 technical publications and two theses to his credit. He has been awarded with a distinguished leadership award from the American Biographical Institute for his contribution in the field of Food and Agriculture. He is also a member of the Indian Society of Agronomy, the Weed Science Society of India and Madras Agricultural students Union. Dr. Ilangovan Ramasamy does research on plant defense mechanisms, elicitors, bio-pesticides formulations for tree trunk injections and soil treatments. His research results are published in magazines and on the web site.To Know more: Biodata of Rama

Brendan Joyce, Director of Business Development

Dr. SomSundar, Ph.D. Director, Product Development

Dr. NallaThambi, Ph.D Senior Scientist (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) (Biological Fertilizers)



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