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AgriInfoTech, Inc., provides cost effective, high quality agricultural products consultancy services and meeting demanding turn-around-time requirements. Our goal is to provide the finished products and educating the farmers on inputs so they can be less dependent on solid chemical fertilizers. We can show the modern day farmer heading into the 21st Century that their land can become sustainable to be ecologically and biologically sound, once all the imbalances and toxicities are corrected in the soil. This will keeping the environment always “Healthy”

We are different...

We are researchers involved directly in manufacturing and marketing the lines of high quality Biological, Organic/Natural fertilizers, Foliar Nutrients and natural biodegradable soil conditioners. These products include plant nutrients, liquid soil modifiers, Humic acids, seaweed, fish emulsion, nitrogen fixing bacteria, enzymes, beneficial fungi (to control nematodes), non-toxic insect controls and many other environmentally safe products.

"We are not simply growing a plant - we are building a soil health." 

Our Liquids are the Solutions for All Agricultural Problems...

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