Place for Advanced Technology For Profitable Farming
Fruits & Vegetables

is a pioneering natural care for home garden, vegetables, fruits, greens, and plantation crops like tea, coffee and cardamom. Our products are designed for organic farming in which the produce will meet the international standard.
Major Problems
Coconut eriophid mite control
Our solutions: Trunk injections and Soil management
Phytophthora problems
Our solutions: Organic farming;Pest and disease problem;Soil injections and Trunk injections
High-tech Tea, Coffee, Grapes and Cardomom
Our solutions: Component organic package of technology; USA certified organic products
Specific problems

Plant Extract FC 100 & Neem/Karanj blend found to be effective on Soybean Asian Rust Control!!! More details contact Dr.Rama...our products are "laboratory and field tested"...Dealers Wanted!!!