Place for Advanced Technology For Profitable Farming
Fruits & Vegetables
What we do
  • Growing organic

  • Vegetables

  • Citrus tree care

  • Avocado projects

  • Cranberry projects

  • Grape wine

  • Banana

  • Coconut farming

How we do
Eco-design planning

We introduce the concepts of integrated farming
system approach. (FSR)

Organic and Natural products:

  • Soil conditioners

  • Organic micronutrients

  • Bio-fertilizers

  • Vermicomposting

Why we do
Sustain the production and profit

Protect the soil

Save the environment

To improve food quality


Plant Extract FC 100 & Neem/Karanj blend found to be effective on Soybean Asian Rust Control!!! More details contact Dr.Rama...our products are "laboratory and field tested"...Dealers Wanted!!!