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AgriInfoTech,Inc. is owned by the farm scientist, business management experts and environmental scientists.

We follow integrated nutrient, insect and disease management.

IPM-(Integrated Pest Management), INM (Integrated Nutrient Management) and IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

We are interested in natural resource management areas ,

Eco-friendly Agro Inputs - Sustain Crop Productivity - Sourcing Raw Materials - Poison Free Farming - Linking Old Technology to Newer- Business Organizational Development - Client Relations


1. Land utilization and farm resources planning

2. Organic and natural soil care projects/farming

3. Need based product formulations

4. Scientific consultation


Name of the Clients Skills Rendered
Mesa Verde Resources, New Mexico, USA

1. Soil Fertility programs, fertilizer recommendations

2. Product formulations

Micro Growing Sciences, Iowa

1. Soybean Asian rust control program

2. Botanical pesticide formulations

3. Corn army worm control

Fang Chemicals, Georgia

1. Phytophthora problems in soybean

2. Did a project with potassium phosphonate as an alternative source of Phosphatic fertilizer


1. Pine tree aforestation projects

2. Pine weevil control program in Ireland Forestry

3. Nitrate Directive management Eco-friendly products formulated for vine weevil problems in the horticultural nurseries

Sustainable Agro Solutions (SAS), Spain 1. Botanical pesticides formulations, testing and evaluations
Agra-Group, Czech Republic 1. Botanical pesticides formulations, testing and evaluations
Berjaya Sewerage Services SDN.BHD, Malaysia

1. Oil palm health care program

2. Sewage sludge treatment projects

Royal Classic Mills, Tirupur

1. Cotton contract farming projects

2. Eco-friendly pesticide products for cotton cultivation

Bannari Amman Sugars, Sathyamangalam

1. Jetropha Agronomy development in black cotton soils

2. Designed high analysis inputs for the cultivation of sugarcane, Vanilla and Jetropha