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Potassium Phosphonate's

Phosphite Plant Mixes

5-30-10; 0-31-23; 0-35-0; 0-19-0

Keeping in mind of the importance of Phosphate, UAS has developed the pHORUS line of NPK's, specially designed with phosphorous acid. The phosphate P2O5 in pHORUS are manufactured 100 % with phosphorous acid (H3P03). Phosphate is critically needed by plants, trees, and vegetable crops during blossom and fruit production to produce blossoms and fruit. Phosphorus is an essential element for all plant life. It makes up an important part of plant genes and is essential for molecules that carry genetic information.

Key role of Phosphorus (P)

P is needed for photosynthesis.

P is needed for plant respiration.

P is needed for energy storage and transfer.

P is needed for cell division.

P is needed for cell enlargement.

P is needed for several other plant processes

Phosphite form of phosphorus has fungistat value and impart disease resistance to the trees and crop plants.

We are designed potassium phosphonates for tree trunk Injections- An experimented formula.

Report on Pot.Phosphite  


Please read Dr.Rama's review paper on "Phosphonate as an elicitor"