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Neem (Azadirachta indica) grows almost in every state of India. The neem seeds contain many useful limonoids, azadirachtin being the most important one
Other Neem Products

Neem Humate: Improves soil biology and supply the neem actives at slow and steady.

Neem-Nemate: Neem based products for nematode andf lawn grub control. It is a very good organic manure for golf courses.

High Qulaity Neem Oil

High Quality Pungam Oil

Neem + Pungam Plus

Sesame Oil

Why we are different?

We are scientist's directly involved in neem, pungam, sesame and cedar based botanicals. We have our own neem oil crushing unit in India. We do seed to oil under strict scientific supervision. Most of our prescription of products are designed and our team able to provide product support. Dr.Rama has 30 years of experience in neem research. We had about 120 years of domain strength in botanicals usage in farming. 


Nematode Control With NeemNemate

Hydrolyzed Protein in Fruit  Trees

Testimonials from Golf Courses



 Neem from Indian Neem Group!!!


I have done first trials with pungam oil on aphids. The results are very good. The formulation of product is also very good.- Dr.Roman Pavela, Czech Republic.


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